Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cape Cod Snow

Do you see the "snow"? Look closely. Have you ever seen triangular-shaped snowflakes?

Cape Cod has been experiencing a winter snowstorm for about a week. But this is not snow, it's called "winter moth". HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of moths come out every evening. They measure less than one inch. When you drive down the street at night with your headlights on, it looks as through you're driving through a snowstorm! Sadly, these are the moths which were once the larvae that ate all the oak leaves this past spring. Too many repeated years of this, and the oak trees die. When we have this many moths in winter, it means a sad spring the following year for all the oak and other tree leaves these bugs devour. Hopefully we'll have a "cold snap" before they mate this winter. In the meantime, it's snowing moths!

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