Thursday, November 15, 2007

Art in the Sky and on the Sand

More beach photos, sans the ocean. I made an attempt to view this particular beach's surroundings on their artistic merits. These trees stand just behind the sanddunes.

On this particular day, the only footprints in the sand (other than my own and my toddler's) were pawprints. They weren't from someone walking a dog, as there were no other footprints. I'm guessing these were racoon prints, or perhaps they were made by a red fox (the foxes are notorious for staking out tiny prey at dusk on the beaches).

Part of a horseshoe crab shell.

A skate egg case. These have the nickname "Mermaid's Purse".

This leaf was resting on a moon snail shell. All I could think of when I saw this was a helmet from the movie "Laurence of Arabia"!

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