Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Garden Party

One windy day, and a photographer who succumbed to photo-taking through a window, produced these photos. Disclaimer: the feeder is cock-eyed due to the wind, and the photos are somewhat blurred due to the windowpane (each time I ventured out to take photos, the birds refused to feed until I went back inside)!

One red-breasted nuthatch and one titmouse.

Little red-breasted nuthatch chooses his treat.

Bashful chickadee and persistent red-breasted nuthatch.

Surprised finish and stunned titmouse.

Surprised finch, persistent red-breasted nuthatch, and pensive chickadee.

One patient female downy woodpecker. (We also had a camera-shy white-breasted nuthatch.) Now I am patiently waiting the return of a red-bellied woodpecker. What a fabulous bird to photograph. I purchased more suet yesterday, so I anticipate his return shortly. =)

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